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Bespoke Safe-Bathing : Accessible and Stylish  

Bathrooms & Wetrooms to meet your changing needs.

Do you have a problem getting in and out of your Bath safely due to restricted movement because of a Medical Condition. Safe-Bathing have the perfect solution with two different options that can save you the VAT if you qualify.

is where we replace your existing Bath with an Easy Access Cubicle and Tray or a Wetroom Panel to give a totally invigorating wash. They come in a variety of shapes and sizes to suit your individual needs. All the Shower Valves we use are thermostatically controlled to eliminate any possibility of getting scalded and are easy to use.

is where we replace your existing Bath with an Easy Access Bath so that you can have a full soak wash to relax away those Aches and Pains. Thermostatic controlled Bath Taps are fitted to eliminate any possibility of getting scalded.

Concept Freedom
The Walls are finished in Ceramic Tiles - Wall Cladding - Wall Panelling that are easy to clean and in certain situations maintenance free that can be viewed on our Finishing Touches page. In most cases installation can be done in two days with very little disruption and mess.
We are “Her Majesties Revenue and Customs” approved to save you the VAT if you qualify which we arrange on your behalf.

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Interior view of the bathroom in Sheffield

  Easy AccessCubicles 

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Easy AccessBaths 

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Concept Freedom
Easy Access Bathrooms

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Concept Freedom Bath

The fully inclusive Concept Freedom Bath has been designed around a number of different audiences, varying in ages and mobility. The intelligent form of the bath combines luxury with practical, functional features many with more than one purpose and while it's designed for people with varying mobility, it looks and feel like a normal Bath. Left Hand and Right Hand Options Available. Left Hand shown.                                            
 Reinforced Edge :- The extra wide reinforced ledge makes it easier to swing your legs over the side and lower yourself into the bath. It also doubles up as a seat for anyone who might need to help you. Plus, you can pull yourself forward on it to reach the taps more easily, and it offers stable support as you get out of the Bath. 
 Lower Height :- Our bath height is 460mm, which is 80mm lower than the standard height. This gives you more control and confidence when you’re getting in and out of the bath, as it’s nearer to the floor. 
 Inside Ledge :- This handy step within the bath lets you use your feet to push yourself into a sitting position. And when you get out of the bath, you can use it to push yourself forward to reach the support rail. You can also use it as a footrest. 
 Luxury Accessories :- Why not add a touch of Luxury to the bathing experience. The Gel headrest supports the neck, whilst the contemporary support rails assist with getting in and out of the bath.
Turning the Ordinary into the Extraordinary

We offer a complete Installation Service for our quality
Bespoke Safe-Bathing options.

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